About my Work

The analogue photograph is a chemical description of a moment in time and space, retaining memories as a material trace of an irrecoverable past. I have an interest in what we can't see in an image, whether it be a negative space, a shadow (figuratively or metaphorically) or what lies behind the impossibly bright smiles of the family snapshot.

My current work treats analogue photographs as objects and not just as images. I enjoy their physicality that invites a conversation with more than just the visual senses. The known and unknown stories passed down orally from person to person. The protagonists in the images have memories / perspectives that does not reflect what is understood to have happened. 

The recognition of the symbols and signifiers of events such as birthdays, weddings, childhood milestones and holidays subtly overwrite the personal aspects of the celebrations and alludes to tribe, ritual and conformity. I like to play with these ideas in creating narratives that may or may not be strictly correct.