I don't know your last name

Photobook details: Perfect bound hardcover. 210 x 210mm. Edition of 10. 90 pages.

This book is a memorial to my friend, Murray - a man of many talents who enjoyed the ongoing friendship of many groups of people with whom he was close to and cared for by. 

Summer Holidays at Tauranga Bay were an annual event for Murray and friends for a while. I met Murray in December 1982 just before one of these events and he arranged to have a letter posted to me, back at home, back at work, toiling away whilst they all had fun. The letter was at the beginning of our relationship and is present as a bookmark for this publication. The archival snapshots celebrate the sun, sand, people and party atmosphere of the time.


"...These trips were all about youthful antics where fishing and drinking played a major part, all without a care for the inevitable sunburn. The parties and sandcastles culminated in Bill bugling the New Year in."

This contrasts with the other images of the book which were taken in March 2017 during a pilgrimage to celebrate Murray's life some time after his death from melanoma. Those images are devoid of people but still are tranquil and contemplative.


"...There were few holidaymakers to share the space. Quiet, lonely and serene, the deserted beach allowed for silent reflection and openness to grief.


We gave Murray to the waves."